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One of the nice things about dryers is that most problems are easy to fix. That’s because dryers are relatively simple machines, and the repairs typically cost far less than a replacement. Therefore, if you notice that your dryer isn’t working as it should, it’s best to schedule a service repair right away. Chances are, your dryer can be fixed and provide you with many more years of warm, wrinkle-free clothes!

Here are six common dryer issues that warrant a call to a professional appliance repair company like Pacific Appliance Repair Service.

1. The dryer isn’t producing heat

If you hear your dryer tumbling but the clothes still come out wet, this means that your dryer isn’t producing heat. Before you make an appointment, check the dryer settings to make sure the heat is turned up correctly. If everything looks good, schedule your service call and a professional technician will check things out. Typically, this issue is caused by a broken heating element.

2. The dryer is overheating

Sometimes, the opposite problem can happen: your dryer is overheating and damaging your clothes. This issue can even cause a house fire. Usually, an overheating dryer is caused by a bad thermostat. To prevent the risk of fire, it’s important to contact a dryer repair company in Los Angeles right away.

3. There’s excessive noise

Dryers have a lot of moving parts, and if one is not working properly, it can cause your dryer to make strange noises such as thumping, humming or squeaking. A lot of times, it’s broken glides that are causing the problems. These small plastic parts are located on the front of the drum and can wear down and break over time. Or, it might be a broken seal.

4. You’re unable to turn the dryer on

Another issue that a faulty thermal fuse can cause is preventing the dryer from turning on. Fortunately, you can reduce the chances of this happening by keeping your lint screen clean and not overloading your dryer. Other potential causes of a non-working dryer are broken power cords or damaged dryer door switches.

5. The dryer runs but shuts off quickly

When your dryer turns on but then shuts right off, this is an indication that your thermostat is broken. This happens because the thermostat can’t keep the dryer at the proper temperature, causing it to turn off. A new thermostat typically doesn’t cost much, and our professionals will also check to make sure that no fuses were blown.

6. The drum is not spinning

If you notice that your drum isn’t spinning to get the clothes warm, there are a couple of issues that might be going on. The first has to do with the belt. Changing the belt is fortunately easy and inexpensive. The second are the rollers – sometimes they need to be replaced due to wear and tear.

If you are experiencing any of these dryer common issues, contact Pacific Appliance Repair Service for an appointment. We have trained technicians who will get down to the bottom of the issue and leave you with a working dryer!