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Tips for Refrigerator Preventive Care – and Signs You Need Repair

Refrigerators can last a very long time – up to 20 years! – with proper care and maintenance. If your fridge is less than 10 years old, you’re probably better off paying for a repair. If it’s older than 10, it’s probably best to replace it. An inspection by a qualified technician will shed light […]

5 Common Oven and Stove Issues and How to Fix Them

Ovens can take a beating due to the high temperatures and steam while cooking. Maintaining your oven is the best way to prevent problems from occurring, but things can still happen. And when they do, you’ll want to recognize when to call in the professionals. Some issues can be fixed on your own, while others […]

The Best Oven and Stove Preventive Maintenance

If you want your range to last for years, then it’s important to maintain it properly. Many people fail to inspect their oven and stove, causing them to overlook potential issues like a worn gas line or inconsistent temperatures. If you haven’t looked inside your oven in a while or tested the burners to make […]

6 Common Dryer Issues that Warrant a Service Call

One of the nice things about dryers is that most problems are easy to fix. That’s because dryers are relatively simple machines, and the repairs typically cost far less than a replacement. Therefore, if you notice that your dryer isn’t working as it should, it’s best to schedule a service repair right away. Chances are, your […]

Dryer Preventive Care Tips to Make Your Dryer Last Longer

Everyone knows that they should clean the lint filter on their dryer, but were you aware that there are other types of maintenance you should be doing? Following the proper dryer maintenance will help your dryer run efficiently and safely, plus extend its lifespan. On average, dryers last for about 10 to 13 years.  If […]