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Are you having problems with your ice maker? Pushing that lever in the water dispenser but water still doesn’t run? We have compiled a list of the most statistically common problems we encounter every day in our job as well as our recommendations on what to look for and how to diagnose what could possibly go wrong before calling a refrigerator repair company. Please note that the listed problems are not in any particular order.

1. Refrigerator is not cooling

Why is your refrigerator no longer keeping your food cold? There are several parts in the refrigerator system that can cause this type of problem. First of all, you should check the condenser coils on the outside of the back wall. If they are wrapped in dust or pet hair, you can clean them with a regular household vacuum cleaner. Be sure to unplug the refrigerator from the power outlet first.

Other possible causes of a warm refrigerator include a broken evaporator fan or condenser fan. These types of repair procedures are not easy to perform without proper training, experience and access to required parts. You should not try to attempt these repairs without consulting a licensed refrigerator repair professional. Yet another possible cause for this kind of problem may be frosted contacts on the defrost thermostat. While this article is meant to provide information on possible causes of problems with your refrigerator, we strongly encourage you not to attempt any repairs before talking to our qualified technicians – especially, if your refrigerator is still under warranty because unauthorized repairs will most likely make it void.

2. Refrigerator is constantly running without stopping

First of all: this is not normal. Refrigerators are equipped with thermostats (like your air conditioning system) that are designed to stop the running compressor once temperature inside the refrigerator reaches the set level. This is another example of a possibly clogged condenser coil. You can clean it with a brush or a vacuum cleaner after unplugging the refrigerator from the power outlet.

Another possible reason is that you have set the thermostat to a temperature setting that is too low for the environment around the refrigerator. Always make sure that there are gaps at least 2 inches wide around your refrigerator so it can efficiently dissipate the heat that it produces while cooling the inside chambers. Also, if you place your refrigerator in a hot environment – such as your garage or patio or directly under the sun – it won’t be able to maintain the low temperature inside without running the compressor for extended periods of time.

If none of these quick fixes help, there may be a problem with the control board in your refrigerator. Call Pacific Appliance Repair Services, and our technicians will take care of the problem right away.

3. Leaking water or frost inside the cooling chambers

Possible cause: clogged drain line or blocked water defrost line. Look under the freezer coil to locate the drain line. If it’s clogged, use warm water or a warm wet cloth to melt the ice blocking the drain line. It is also possible that there is a tear or a hole in the water line. If this is the case, call certified professionals to replace it. Most of the problems with frost though can usually be solved by unplugging the refrigerator from the power outlet and letting it defrost for several hours.

4. Water dispenser not working

If you have a water dispenser in your refrigerator, there is also a filter that is designed to clean water flowing to the refrigerator from the main water line. This filter removes contaminants, salts and debris from water entering the refrigerator to make it good for drinking. If your don’t clean or replace the filter regularly, it will become clogged. We recommend to clean it at least once every six months. You can always remove the guesswork out of your life and call us to take care of your refrigerator to make sure it operates optimally and provides the quality you’ve come to expect from it.

5. Broken ice maker

Ice makers are a very convenient feature of modern refrigerators. But what do you do when your refrigerator is no longer making ice? You can either try to fix it yourself or you can call the professionals who have years of experience repairing ice makers in various kinds of refrigerators. There are two main causes of failed ice makers: clogged inlet water valve and faulty ice maker mechanisms. These can be diagnosed by checking the main water line and water filter as well as performing electrical tests on the ice maker.

As always, we recommend that you don’t go it alone. We have professional technicians ready to tackle all of your refrigerator repair problems. Call Pacific Appliance Repair Services for all your refrigerator repair needs.