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Refrigerators can last a very long time – up to 20 years! – with proper care and maintenance. If your fridge is less than 10 years old, you’re probably better off paying for a repair. If it’s older than 10, it’s probably best to replace it. An inspection by a qualified technician will shed light on what’s wrong with your refrigerator and your options for repair vs replacement.

Whether you have a brand new refrigerator that you want to take care of, or you’re looking to start a maintenance plan with your current fridge, here’s everything you need to know about preventive care.

Basic Steps for Refrigerator Preventive Care

There are everyday things you can do to keep your refrigerator in good, working condition. The better your fridge works, the more money you’ll save on your energy bill. Not to mention, it’s nice to have a clean fridge to keep your favorite foods cold and fresh.

Here are some things we recommend doing to maintain your fridge:

Signs Your Fridge May Need Repair

Like other appliances, refrigerators don’t last forever. Fortunately, not all problems require a replacement. A refrigerator repair technician may be able to replace a part, such as a seal, for a low cost. This is why it’s worth having your fridge looked at if it’s under 10 years old.

Signs that your fridge is in need of a repair are:

Pacific Appliance Repair Service provides fast, professional repair and maintenance services for refrigerators. Our trained technicians have experience working on all brands of refrigerators, including GE, Samsung, Whirlpool, Frigidaire and Insignia. Contact us today to have one of our experts look at your fridge and determine what it needs to be fully functional and efficient again!