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If you need assistance with an HVAC repair in Los Angeles for your home or business, Pacific Appliance Repair Services can help! We offer the best HVAC service in Los Angeles for both residential and commercial units, and our experienced technicians can help get your system back up and running properly in no time at all!


The Area of Los Angeles

Los Angeles is both a city and a county located in the southern half of the state of California, though people familiar with the area usually refer to it instead by its initials of L.A. for the sake of simplicity. The city of Los Angeles is by far the most expansive city within the entirety of California, in addition to being the second largest city throughout all of the United States. Additionally, Los Angeles County is the most densely-populated county in the United States. The county of Los Angeles covers an area of over four thousand square miles, inside of which lies the city of Los Angeles.


The History of HVAC Units

The term HVAC is an acronym that stands for “heating, ventilation, and air conditioning”, and HVAC units themselves have become essential mainstays for environmental temperature regulation in both residential and commercial structures. The first two such units were developed in the year 1902 by Alfred Wolff and Willis Carrier, and were incorporated for use at the New York Stock Exchange and the Sacketts-Wilhems Printing Company, respectively. After that, the first residential installation of an HVAC unit occurred during the year 1914, and by the mid-1950’s, utilization of such systems had become fairly widespread in adoption.


Common HVAC Unit Issues

If your home or business requires HVAC service in Los Angeles due to one or more system malfunctions, it’s important to assess and record the types of issues your unit is experiencing in order to more accurately determine the cause of (and solution for) your system’s current problems. Here is a brief list of issues that commonly occur within HVAC units:

  • Not cooling or heating properly
  • Thermostat not working properly
  • Making loud or unusual noises
  • Emitting abnormal smells
  • Not starting flow of air
  • Not stopping flow of air


Why You Should Call a Professional

If you are in need of an HVAC repair in Los Angeles, it’s advisable that you contact a professional service provider for assistance with diagnosing and repairing the issues with your unit. Enlisting the aid of a knowledgeable and experienced repair technician will save you more money than you might think, because in addition to assessing and repairing the main issues your appliance is exhibiting, they will also be able to uncover any less evident problems that are currently lying dormant within the unit. These issues generally prove disastrous if left untended to, as they will gradually worsen to the point of requiring a far more costly repair than would have initially been needed. Preventative care and maintenance are essential for maintaining your appliance’s health and functionality, so why not accomplish both tasks simultaneously?


It is not recommended whatsoever that you attempt to diagnose and repair your appliance on your own. Attempting to do so will often end up being far more expensive than enlisting the aid of a professional service and repair technician would have initially been, since you may very well spend additional money on unnecessary replacement parts for your appliance, as well as on parts needed to mend sections of the unit that become damaged during your solo repair attempt. Additionally, the fuel used by HVAC units to produce heat is both extremely volatile and flammable, and as such, can be incredibly dangerous to work with if you don’t have the correct tools and experience needed to be able to safely accomplish such a task. Why risk bodily harm or worse just to try saving a bit of money? Call a dedicated repair service provider for assistance. Trust us, you won’t regret it.


Why You Should Hire Us

Pacific Appliance Repair Services has been providing repair and maintenance services for HVAC units and countless other appliance types and brands for well over a decade, assisting both individuals and businesses alike located within the greater Los Angeles area. We perpetually strive to exhibit a dedication to our valued customers by offering them top-quality appliance repair and maintenance assistance from 8 AM to 8 PM daily. Our talented and experienced technicians are extremely knowledgeable about diagnosing and repairing issues with all sorts of appliance brands, makes, and models, and the quality of the assistance they provide is rivaled solely by the high level of professionalism they maintain while on the job. In addition, our dedicated office staff works continually to ensure that you’ll receive the best possible response to address your questions or concerns as efficiently and quickly as possible, no matter when we receive your call or where you are calling from. Call us to schedule an appointment today for your HVAC repair in Los Angeles!

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