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At Pacific Appliance Repair Services, we pride ourselves on providing factory certified service for your Sub-Zero refrigerator repair. We know that refrigeration equipment does not conveniently malfunction during office hours, which is why we are committed to reaching you around the clock at no extra charge. When we get your call at three in the morning, we take it. Our certified technicians have the specialized training and experience to perform repairs on either residential or commercial refrigeration equipment and appliances. We welcome you and dedicate ourselves to being your preferred Sub-Zero refrigerator repair response team now and in the future.

To schedule an appointment for Sub-Zero Refrigerator Repair, contact Pacific Appliance Repair today at (213) 234-7543.

In Keeping With Our Expectations About Sub-Zero Refrigerator Repair

Our experience with Sub-Zero and Wolf Refrigeration Appliances is one of recognizing the discriminating tastes of our customers. When we arrive at your destination, we share your expectation for the equipment you have chosen for your home or business. As part of our expertise, we value your property and operate in a manner that accords the respect and protection you deserve and that we would want in our own home or business. This includes the use of mats to ensure anything our equipment comes into contact with is protected. Your comfort in trusting our service performance is our comfort in knowing we will be your preferred choice of Sub-Zero refrigerator repair service team. Putting the extra effort toward pleasing you makes our job even more enjoyable and we don’t shy away from proving it to you.

Part of our certification training includes our commitment to continued education courses as provided by Sub-Zero and Wolf’s facilities for learning. As with most state-of-the-art equipment, advanced technology is the driving force and as such, requires hands-on training. This intensive study is where our field technicians trouble-shoot real-life problems in order to achieve the knowledge and skill to solve any issue that may arise with the equipment. Unique to Sub-Zero and Wolf’s standards, attendance is limited to Factory Certified Companies by invitation only providing training that emphasizes product knowledge while focusing on customer satisfaction.

Our service vehicles are sufficiently stocked and equipped with Sub-Zero parts to complete the Sub-Zero refrigerator repair job for you the first time, on time. Beyond the work that can be performed in the field, we will do our level best to engage the factory’s repair resources to bring about a satisfactory resolution. Call Pacific Appliance Repair Services when you are in need of the reliable repair service you prefer at affordable rates you can trust.