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If you’re looking for a highly-qualified and trustworthy company to provide you with an assessment and repair for your business’s commercial refrigerator in the area of Echo Park, we at Pacific Appliance Repair Services can help you out! No matter what or how many issues your refrigerator is currently going through, our experienced technicians can help assess and fix them both quickly and accurately!

The Area of Echo Park

Echo Park is a neighborhood located in the eastern-central region of the city of Los Angeles, which itself is located in the southern section of the state of California. Encompassing an area containing the ZIP code of 90026, Echo Park had an estimated population of over forty thousand people as of the 2000 United States Census, making it one of the most populous neighborhoods in the entirety of the Los Angeles County. This neighborhood is bordered by Downtown Los Angeles to the southeast, Chinatown to the east, and Silver Lake to the west.  Within this neighborhood lies a portion of Los Angeles that was once known as the city of Edendale, which was originally established in the year 1892, and grew to become the filmmaking center for all of Southern California prior to the founding of the city of Hollywood.

Common Commercial Refrigerator Issues

If your business’s commercial refrigeration unit  has begun, or continues, to display abnormal symptoms, it’s necessary to discover and take note of what the types and amounts of issues are that the unit is currently presenting, in order to better determine what the source of (and solution to) the problems may be. Here is a brief list containing some of the more common issues commercial refrigeration units can exhibit:

  • Showing an error code on the appliance’s electronic display
  • Not cooling enough or at all within the appliance
  • Fan making loud noises or not running at all
  • Accumulating frost within the appliance
  • Leaking water from the appliance

Why You Should Call A Professional

If you are in need of a commercial refrigerator repair in Echo Park, it’s highly advisable for you to initiate the process of hiring a professional service technician for assistance with diagnosing what may be causing the issues your appliance is currently presenting. Acquiring the aid of an established, knowledgeable service provider will end up saving you more money than you may realize, because along with diagnosing and repairing the issues that are currently affecting your appliance, they will also be able to uncover any other underlying problems with the unit that may not have become visibly or audibly evident yet, which in turn will extend your appliance’s functional lifespan, and potentially make it so you won’t need to purchase a replacement unit for it as soon as you might have needed to otherwise. Preventative care is crucial for maintaining your appliance’s health and usability, so why not accomplish both tasks at once?

It is not advisable for you to attempt the assessment and repair procedure for the appliance on your own. Embarking on this sort of endeavor typically ends up being far more financially costly than hiring a professional would have been, as you might purchase replacement components for your appliance that aren’t fully necessary for the repair process, along with replacement parts needed to fix sections of the device that become damaged during your attempt to fix your appliance on your own. Additionally, commercial refrigerators typically tend to be exceedingly heavy, giving this sort of task an additional high risk of injury should the unit become overturned (which could even be lethal in certain circumstances). Why risk bodily harm or worse trying to save some money? Please call a professional for help. Trust us, it will most certainly be worth it.

Why You Should Hire Us

Pacific Appliance Repair Services has been repairing and maintaining commercial refrigerators and numerous other appliance types and brands for a period of over ten years, lending our services to individuals and businesses alike, within Echo Park and countless other cities and neighborhoods throughout the Greater Los Angeles area. We perpetually display our dedication to our clients, both new and returning, by providing them with top-quality appliance repair and maintenance services from 8 AM until 8 PM, seven days a week. Our talented and experienced technicians are proficient in enacting diagnostic and repair procedures for many different appliance brands, makes, and models, and the quality of the services they provide is exceeded only by the level of professionalism they maintain while on the job. Furthermore, our office staff works relentlessly to ensure that you will receive a prompt and thorough response to address your questions and concerns, no matter when we receive your call or where you are calling from. Call us to schedule an appointment today for your commercial refrigerator repair in Echo Park!

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