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Whether you run a restaurant or hotel, your commercial ice machine is something that your employees and customers have come to rely on. Having ready-made ice available ensures that drinks stay cold and you’re able to provide customers with the level of service they deserve. Therefore, when your ice machine stops working, you need prompt, professional service to keep the cold drinks coming.

Pacific Appliance Repair Services offers professional ice machine repair services. We will send out a technician right away to assess the problem and provide you with a solution. As a locally owned and operated business, we take pride in providing our customers with honest, upfront service. We have reasonable rates and no hidden fees.

Schedule ice machine repair at (818) 330-4552 and let the techs from Pacific Appliance Repair Services get your machine up and running like new!

Signs that Your Commercial Ice Machine is Failing

On average, a standard commercial ice machine has a limited lifespan of just four to five years. You can get your ice machine to last a lot longer with regular cleanings and repairs - some people are able to get as many as ten years out of their ice machines! But it’s important to know that these devices run hard and don’t last as long as other commercial appliances.

If you notice any of the below signs, contact Pacific Appliance Repair Services right away. You can expect quick service and high quality repairs that will add years of life onto your ice machine.

If your ice machine is making noises that are out of the ordinary, it’s time to get things checked. Ice machines are naturally noisy, so you’ll need to be familiar with the ‘normal’ sounds your machine makes.

Another sign that your commercial ice machine is failing is leaks. When a water leak forms on your machine, it’s likely to cause puddles of water underneath the appliance and condensation on the exterior of the machine. Left unaddressed, the leaks can cause water damage to your floors and baseboards, and your ice machine may shut down completely.

Are you noticing that your ice cubes are not fully frozen? It’s possible that you’re having trouble with the compressor, the part of the ice machine responsible for controlling the internal temperature. Compressor problems can also lead to slush instead of cubes.

To be efficient, you rely on your ice machine to pump out a lot of ice at once. If it’s giving you limited output, this will affect the efficiency of your business. You’ll have to replace the ice more frequently and have to reach lower and lower to access fresh ice cubes. This is not a fluke – something is likely wrong with your machine.

Ice should always taste ‘clean.’ If it has a bad taste or odor, it will ruin the flavor of your beverages. Don’t serve your customers foul-tasting drinks – call in the experts for fast ice machine repair!

Types of Commercial Ice Machines We Service

Pacific Appliance Repair Services has been serving the Los Angeles area since 2007. We are comfortable working on all makes and models of commercial ice machines like Viking and Spartan. We stock only high quality parts, ensuring that your repair will add more years of life onto your machine.

Here are the types of commercial ice makers that we service:

Full-cube commercial ice makers come in various styles, including standalone, under-counter and ice-machine-bin combo units.

Half-cube commercial ice makers can pack tightly into smaller spaces. They are available in various styles as well, including standalone, under-counter and ice-machine-bin combos.

Nugget-shaped ice is ideal for cocktails, soft drinks and smoothies. These commercial ice machines are available in standalone, under-counter and bin-combo styles.

Flake ice makers produce tiny chips of flaked ice, which are perfect for blended cocktails, salad bars and meat/seafood displays. Our techs know how to work on all styles of flake ice machines.

If your business has a specialty ice machine, we can help with this too! These machines often create uniquely shaped ice in crescent or octagonal shapes.

Great Reasons to Choose Our Commercial Appliance Repair Techs

When your commercial appliances start giving you trouble, you can’t wait a second longer. Otherwise, the problem can worsen and cause the appliance to fail completely. Not only will this affect the efficiency of your restaurant or hotel, but also the appliance may be beyond repair.

Schedule an appointment with Pacific Appliance Repair Services at the first sign of trouble. We will repair your commercial ice maker right away! We have professionally trained technicians, over 14 years of experience and convenient appointments, including a 24-hour emergency service. You’re in great hands with us!