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LG Appliance Repair Los Angeles

Is your LG appliance not working properly? If you’re based in Los Angeles, our LG appliance repair service is a solution to your problems! Our professional technicians will arrive quickly, diagnose the problem and – once you approve the work estimate – make the required repairs. Your appliance will come back to life, and you will have peace of mind knowing that it was taken care of a trained and qualified professional according to the best practices recommended by LG and using only the original LG parts.

LG Refrigerator Repair

When you have problems with your LG refrigerator you need someone to come over and fix it right away because the longer it doesn’t function properly, the higher are the chances that some food could spoil. In order to accommodate this urgency, we’ve structured the process around LG refrigerator repair service so that we can attend to our customers with broken refrigerators as soon as they call us.

When you call us about LG refrigerator repair service, our agents will give your order a high priority and send a technician who has the most training and experience with LG refrigerators as soon as they become available – usually, within a couple hours. This raises the likelihood that the technician will be done with the repair well before there is any potential damage to the food.

Call us now or fill out the quick order form online, and we’ll send our Los Angeles LG appliance repairs technician right away!

LG Washer Repair

Whether you have a front load or top load LG washer, our LG washer repair service has got you covered. For example, if your washer produces sounds it’s not supposed to — like a humming or roaring noise — or if it vibrates or jumps around, don’t stress out. Just give us a call, and by the end of the day, it will be up and running like before it happened.

LG Dryer Repair

In addition to washers, we offer LG dryer repair services to residents of Los Angeles. Our technicians are trained and skilled to fix all kinds of problems with LG dryers: not turning on or off, heat and gas-related problems, various sounds the dryer may produce, and everything else. Over the years, we’ve seen it all, so we have a very good idea how to fix these problems. Turn to our trusted LG dryer repair professionals: call us now!